Mariya Valchanova

Co-founder @ 3veta

About me

I am one of the co-founders of 3veta - a company created to enable professionals to move their business online in just a few simple steps for a fraction of the cost.
My mission is to take care of the technological part and let the professionals focus on what they do best - focus on their calling.

Before co-founding 3veta, I worked in Management and Technology Consulting. I have a solid expertise in strategy, technology implementation, and sales. Now I am the Head of design and help create a product that is simple and joyful to use.

Let's talk!

If you'd like to talk about anything business related, such as affiliate deals, feel free to book a slot. I'd be happy to talk! 

I'll show you around

We have created 3veta to be as simple to use as possible, but if you need a hand, I'll be happy to show you around. Don't hesitate to book a time slot in my calendar and I'll walk you through 3veta and all it's functionalities.

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